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28 Oct 2007 | He could be so lucky too, with these moves

He could be so lucky too, with these moves
by Bernard Zuel | October 19, 2007 |

State Theatre, October 17

IT WAS pointed out to me towards the end of the night that almost a decade ago, during what you could call her wilderness years, Kylie Minogue played at the State Theatre (that is, when her "personal" album had stiffed internationally and only the utterly devoted came out to see her perform, before sell-out tours of arenas became the norm).

She had big ambitions but limited funds, lots of flash but in reality a small band and two dancers. Still, constraints be damned was the attitude and that tour can be seen as a career turning point. Methinks this fact has not been missed by Darren Hayes, not just a Kylie fan who has had his own downsizing in public profile/success, but, as is clear from the imagery, structure and scale of his tour, a student of the history and art of the pop singer.

Although the stage and wings of the State are not meant for large spectacle, Hayes's show throws some big shapes. With elaborate back projections, a moveable staircase/ramp (which allowed for a grand gestural opening and later an intimate, sit-down-and-chat moment), co-ordinated costumes and choreographed dances with the two singers, this had all the elements of the big arena shows.

Just as tellingly, throughout the night Hayes made reference, or paid homage, to a host of his predecessors as well as his own past. It went from the Jackson-like (Michael and Janet) opening in The Future Holds a Lion's Heart, the Prince-influenced sounds (overt in Step into the Light's direct musical quote from When Doves Cry and Popular's appropriation of Baby I'm a Star) and the Pet Shop Boys-style dance pop to the Kylie I'm-just-a-suburban-kid close-ups, and a few of those overly sweet Savage Garden tunes.

A dull mid-set bracket with too much emphasis on ballads stalled things. However, an invigorating electro-rock start featuring five songs from his impressive new double album, a boisterous first encore of pop and dance-floor pleasure and a general sense of smart and sexy thinking tipped the balance. Next time an arena? I think so.

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