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28 Oct 2007 | Dream Show

Darren Hayes' 'Dream Show'
Natalie Oliveri | 19 October 2007 |
Darren Hayes has called his current Time Machine Tour his "dream show'".

And his audience no doubt agreed judging by the cheers, tears of joy and outpouring of delight at Wednesday night's performance at Sydney's State Theatre.

They were promised spectacle and they got it.

In the lead up to the tour, which kicked off in the UK, Hayes said it was the biggest thing he'd ever done.

Designed by Willie Williams, the Time Machine Tour showed more of Darren Hayes than any of his other shows since breaking into the charts with Savage Garden in 1996.

Centred around time travel (a theme explored in his latest album, This Delicate Thing We've Made) the show opened with the electrifying The Future Holds A Lion's Heart.

Hayes appeared on top of a moving staircase, which he pranced up and down upon throughout the show even sitting above the audience at one stage, with his legs dangling over their heads, talking about how his past had shaped the man he was today.

And though he has dreamt of re-visiting the past and changing certain events, Hayes said that if he actually had the chance, he would not change a thing.

"For if I did that would change who I am now, and I would not be sitting here," Hayes told the crowd, who had momentarily stopped screaming 'Darren I love you' to listen intently.

But the past was explored - images of his house, family photos of his brother and sister, and a photo of his father craddling Hayes as a baby - were projected onto the stage.

A surprise moment for long-time fans was when Hayes paid homage to Savage Garden during the upbeat The Best Thing - projected onto the white backdrop was a re-creation of the set from their 2000 Affirmation World Tour, concluding with a photo of he and former band mate Daniel Jones.

It was one of the many tear-jerking moments of the show. For those three or four minutes, we were back in 2000.

It was a touching moment by Hayes, who had in the past struggled to break free of being known as the guy from Savage Garden.

Things are different now. Hayes is indeed the most talented star this country has produced for a long time. His solo recordings prove this.

If only people other than his die-hard fans and those at Wednesday's show could see this.

The culmination of the show was the appearance of Hayes on top of a stage-to-floor sized origami crane.

Hayes has wanted to do a show like this for years. He should be proud.

Those two hours were absolute joy.

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